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Goodrich wins 1st special recognition prize for SMEs

GOODRICH Global, a dealer in interior wall-coverings, carpets, fabrics and flooring, is the winner of Aon Hewitt”s first Best Employers Special Recognition – SME prize.

“It is in line with our vision to be an employer of choice among SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), and to offer prospective employees an attractive option to build their career with us,” says Goodrich”s chairman and chief executive Chan Chong Beng of the Best Employer award.

In growing with the company, our employees at Goodrich get the chance to help shape it into an innovative venture. They also get to keep in shape themselves and make a contribution to society at large while bonding with each other.

These are the offshoots of three “people practices” in the company which Goodrich is most proud of: I-CUBE; Football With A オンライン スロット Heart (FWAH); and Healthy Employees” Award.

I-CUBE is a worker-participation scheme introduced in March last year. It stands for Ideation, Innovation and Improvement; and is part of Goodrich”s effort to build “a culture of innovation, problem-solving and continuous improvement at all levels” in the firm.

The aim specifically is “to transform great ideas generated from employees into innovative solution and improvement initiatives”, Goodrich says in a submission for the Best Employers award. Essentially, the scheme entails staff offering ideas which – if accepted – will be put into practice with the help of managers or experts provided by the firm. The staff are rewarded for their contribution.

FWAH is a charity fund-raising event in which Goodrich”s staff take part to raise money for needy and handicapped people. Staff not only play in the football matches but also hand out food and drinks, cheer their team and clean up.

This has “brought us closer as a caring company which believes in corporate social responsibility”, Goodrich says.

The Healthy Employees” Award hands out S$400 yearly to staff who keep themselves healthy. It also provides free annual health checks, health talks and exercises.

Goodrich says that the award has helped push the number of healthy workers up from 10 per cent to over 50 per cent of the the company”s workforce. It has also led to lower absenteeism and medical costs.

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