Building & Construction Marketing

Multimedia Communications offer a wholesome marketing package, specializing in the building and construction sector. We strive to be your one-stop vendor for online and print media marketing. Here are the full range of services we offer:

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Ad design & layout
  • Content Management System Websites + Softwares
  • Newsletter Creation
  • Printing of your marketing materials (brochures etc.)
  • Web marketing (SEO)
  • Website banners

Before decision makers awards a contract or make a large purchase of products or equipment, they need to be put at ease. They will search the web for information and cues that let them know they are making the right decision choosing a product or company.

If they continually run into the impressive materials about your company, it will create a motivational hook to pick you.

Why Web Marketing?

In this digital age, we cannot ignore the fact that it changes the way on how people make choices. Rather than depend on a referral, they now “Google” it. If you are not appearing on the first page on Google, you are losing out to your competitors!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the solution. It will help you to get on top natural search results on Google, and delivers target traffic to your website to optimize its conversion rate. Put it simply, the closure rate is very high as you are linking up with this group of customers who are already searching for your products/services. This, in turn, also builds on your brand and shows your prominence in the industry.

Why work with us? We guarantee 60% of your keywords to be listed on the first page of Google. Should we fail to do so, we will work for FREE until we attain those rankings. We’re so confident of our work.

Why do you need a CMS website with add-on softwares?

Updating your website with up-to-date content is important to showcase your new projects, products and latest news.

Regular content updates to your website can now be done without difficulty. A Content Management System (CMS) website design allows you to update your webpage with great flexibility not having to deal with technicalities like modifying the codes that built your web design. It features a simple to use drag-and-drop feature.

Software solutions that improve your productivity and automates processes:

  • Customised Form Builder Software to create unlimited forms
  • Email Direct Marketing software for newsletters
  • Add to Quotation for price sensitive products
  • Project Management for clients to track progress of projects
  • Project Listing tool
  • CRM to manage clients details
  • Docusign to automate business contracts

A continuously updated, broad-spectrum marketing effort is crucial to your success in the construction industry. This requires a combination of print and online media platforms. Wouldn’t you like to be collectively thought of by the entire construction industry as being the most respected provider of your product or service?

Find out how you can save 60% on our listed services.

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